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increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

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Tawleen is a smart, dynamic, proactive marketing partner. He takes the time to understand your project, communicates regularly, and goes over and above to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it. I have worked with Tawleen for the last three years on projects ranging in size and complexity, and he has been a pleasure to work with. Tawleen is fiercely focused on results and delivers on every project.


Chad Neufeld, Sr Marketing Manager


Tawleen has an intense passion for the online marketing industry.  He remains on top of new developments and current trends in the industry. He has a strong understanding of the PPC marketing tools available and is prudent with his choice of tools.

He is proactive, and he is someone that you can trust with your online marketing budget. There is no need to micro-manage his activities to get the best results.

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Dan Eisner, CEO


Working with Tawleen at Makkar Marketing has been one of the best decisions our company could have made.  He has gone above and beyond in every way possible to help improve our online marketing performance, including finding ways to help save the company money outside of his contracted mandate. His attention to detail and passion for excellence is second to none, always active with new ideas and innovated solutions.  Tawleen is committed to the point where you feel like you are dealing with someone who has ownership in your company as we have worked with other 3rd party marketing companies in the past, but none have compared to Makkar Marketing

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Chad Riddell, COO


Tawleen has been amazing at driving stellar performance. He destroyed our previous highest month ROAS by 86% which was previously held by an award-winning media agency. Most of all, he gets results that truly impact your bottom-line and drive your business forward.


Julien Rouisse, Analytics Advisor


We have worked with Makkar Marketing for the past three years and have had nothing but success. His ability to cut through the hype and develop campaigns that work are why we continue to engage with Tawleen and his team on both local and national campaigns. If you are interested in working with a partner who makes your lie easier while knocking it out of the park, give these guys a call.


Tyler Chisholm, CEO


Tawleen has planned, set up, and managed digital campaigns for projects I’ve led for over three years, and I always feel confident that they are going to meet our client’s needs. We’ve worked on a wide range of programs from small paid search programs to ambitious cross-channel campaigns, from tight budgets to generous budgets; I have always been able to trust that he’s able to get exceptional results. He excels at running digital-only campaigns on his own, as well as those in partnership with offline buyers. He’s an invaluable partner in working with our teams in mapping out client goals and how to achieve them through digital ads. He is able to provide clear and actionable direction for our creative teams on how to optimize ads, as well as when to tweak them for performance. He’s a terrific partner to have on projects and knows how to get the most out of digital ad channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google networks.


January Kohli, Client Lead 


Tawleen is an experienced PPC consultant who doesn't just offer his clients superior results. His speed and quality of communication is great. If you're looking for someone to tell you like it is - and turn your campaigns into true business assets - I would highly recommend him.


Shawn Joshi, CEO


Working with Tawleen over the past 2 1/2 years has been an absolute pleasure. Tawleen has been a key member of our team providing strategic guidance and advice in the paid digital media and SEM space, as well as executing very successful campaigns. Tawleen stays up to date on the most recent happenings and is always bringing great ideas forward


Maciek Jaworski, Client Partner


Makkar Marketing has played a huge role in our business success. Since hiring Tawleen, our online leads have increased by 40% and at a much lower cost than we were used to paying with our in-house specialist. I highly recommend Tawleen and his team to anyone looking for accelerated growth through online marketing.

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Paul Hayer, CEO


Tawleen at Makkar Marketing  is our secret weapon when it comes to Paid Media Advertising. He has helped us grow our Return on Ad Spend by almost 50% and is always coming up with new creative ideas to grow our business. His responsiveness and attention to detail is second to none. A true SEM/PPC professional.


Michael Gaudet, Sr Marketing Leader

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